Pentagram Berlin entwickelt Corporate Design für pan-Afrikanische Crypto Plattform MARA.

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Cryptocurrencies are particularly popular among young people in Africa.

Data from Chainalysis shows that the region’s crypto usage has grown by 1,200% over the past year, making it the third fastest growing cryptocurrency economy. Despite the proliferation of local and overseas crypto exchanges and innovative “models” by emerging Web3 platforms, there are still obstacles to widespread crypto adoption in Africa.

This explains the emergence of new startups like MARA, a pan-African crypto exchange platform that is building a digital financial system for sub-Saharan Africa to enable many more Africans to participate in the crypto economy. While crypto is enjoying strong adoption across most parts of the continent, it is at a local level and without the protection of cross-border controls. As a „legalized platform“, MARA therefore plans to take on the role of mediator and advisor, teaching governments and supporting them on the subject of KYC and AML best practices. Recently, MARA entered into a partnership with the Central African Republic (CAR) – the second country after El Salvador,

MARA = Africa.

Pentagram Berlin partner Justus Oehler and his team designed the visual brand image for MARA, deliberately avoiding typical African design clichés because MARA wanted to present itself as an African brand for Africans.

„Since MARA wanted to play a leading role in all of Africa from the outset, we made an abstract version of the African continent the figurative mark,“ says Oehler. „As a result, MARA stands out from other commercial brands and can credibly appear as a responsible, impartial player.“ The fresh, strong orange gives the brand warmth and radiance.